Urban Pipe Shorts: Mens Fashion Style for 218?

Urban pipe shorts will still be a part of  2018 but mens dress shorts will be a sure hit this year. There was a time when shorts were considered as a sports gear and beachwear. But now the fashion industry is changing and reintroducing the old fashioned outfits and accessories in the market. Similarly, dress shorts and shirts are becoming a huge hit among people of different age groups; mostly style conscious men.

In addition, shorts are often looked at as a summertime apparel garment and, as such, are often reserved for wear in the warmer months of spring and summer. Shorts are not generally known for their versatility in the wardrobe. Common pairings include shorts, basic camisoles, and sandals for women while mens dress shorts are most-often associated with loose-fitting tees and flip-flops. In recent seasons, however, designer collections are showcasing shorts as a business-casual article of clothing. Some designers even took a basic short and effortlessly transformed it into a dressy evening-wear piece.

The Philippines is a humid country where shorts can be worn all year long. I am more into dress shorts that’s why I love this country!. But when I was in high school, I was more into jeans and I hate wearing shorts.  I just changed my style and started wearing shorts more often when we moved to Arizona.  My Mexican friends forced me to wear shorts (for real haha) because for them, wearing jeans during summer time in Arizona is a no-no haha. I just then realized that wearing shorts is more comfortable than wearing jeans.

Well, in this article, I will not force you to wear shorts (haha). I just want to give you an inspiration or some ideas on how to wear your dress shorts.  So guys, continue reading this article and check what is the best style that fits you.

The Country Club Look

Mens Dress Shorts
Ash Gray Pullover (Cott On) | Blue Long Sleeved Button Up Shirt ( Cotton On) | Navy Blue Flat Front Shorts ( American Eagle Outfitters) | Boat Shoes (Sperry) Captured by Dee Jay Dao

Celebrity stylists have been sending A-list movie stars and singers onto the red carpet in glamorous “shortsuits.”  Mens shorts can be updated and made to look polished in a variety of ways. The “country club” look is very in-style right now. Men can pair a grey, navy blue or khaki-colored dress shorts with a long-sleeved button-up shirt and wear a pullover or a sweater over it, completing the look. Boat or deck shoes or sandals round out the look and scream preppy-chic.

Street Style Summer Look

Dress Shorts
Supima Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt (Uniqlo) | Chino Shorts (Uniqlo) | Heatetch Scarf (Uniqlo) | Classic All Star Sneakers (Converse) Captured by Brian Jay

Leaving the scarf over the tee is a cool look for any man. Similar to this look, a casual neutral-colored shorts can be paired with a basic tee and topped with a scarf in a neutral color.

The Street Casual Style Look

Dress Shorts
Brunswick Shirt (Cotton On) | Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirt ( Cotton On) | Washed Chino Short ( Cotton On) | Duffel Bag (Accel) Capture by Brian Jay

Long Sleeve Button-Up shirt over tee will give you that street casual look. As you can see, I am more of light colored dress shorts because neutral or light colored fabrics can be mixed with any colors. Quick and easy!

Simple Tips on Wearing Dress Shorts

  • Fabric should be comfortable. Choose cotton.
  • Pick the right color for you. Avoid loud or neon colors.
  • Ideally, shorts should stop close above your kneecaps. If it is too long, just roll it up. But it is a matter of your personal preference.
  • Avoid wearing bulky or too wide shorts.  It will look your thighs thin.  Remember, you should look sexy wearing it.
  • Avoid large patterns.
  • And lastly, avoid obvious logos or branding.

Wardrobe pieces should be versatile. Shorts are one of the most basic elements of any closet and can be worn and updated in a variety of ways. Finding the right pieces to match with shorts should not be a labored task. A quick assessment of one’s current wardrobe pieces and a quick flip through the pages of any fashion magazine can be all that is needed to give life, style, class, and sophistication to an old pair of shorts.


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