Kyoto’s % Arabica Coffee in the Philippines

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Are you looking for the best possible coffee to satisfy your taste and low cravings? With so many coffee shops on the market today, it will be quite confusing on your part to find a coffee shop that could offer the perfect blend of coffee along with the rich flavor which will certainly meet your need. But what is it in a coffee that might absolutely be noticeable one of the rest? Of course, the ideal coffee ought to be packed with flavor, smooth and tasteful.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages that most Filipino drink daily. It is the ideal beverage in the morning, especially for an active day ahead. It jump-starts a professional’s hectic schedule at the office and keeps them looking for all of those other days. A single mug of coffee is pure satisfaction for coffee-drinkers around and a lot of such avid drinkers cannot stay away to not visit coffee shops which might be just out and about.

I believe that this is the main reason why coffee shops in the metro are just everywhere. I Bonifacio Global City alone there are almost 20 coffee shops (if I am not mistaken). I have visited most of them and have tried their bestsellers. I have personal favorites. To name a few, I love Starbuck’s Iced Shaken Black tea, the Matcha Green Tea of The Cofee Bean & Tea Leaf and the Caramelo of Bo’s Coffee.

Kyoto’s % Arabica Coffee in the Philippines

Today, I will add a new coffee shop to visit on my list. The Japanese Coffee company has finally landed in the Philippines and it is just right here in Bonifacio Global City! Today is my first visit.  Personally, coffee shops are my 2nd home. I go to a coffee shop when I need to relax and when I need to finish an article or when I need to finish a project (web design). I feel more productive when I am in a coffee shop and I really don’t know why( haha! ). But Uhmmmm.. perhaps it’s the ambiance!

First Impression Last

It is always good if a coffee shop can come up with a unique style and a new way of doing this old business. Experts in commercial business centers know that competition is cut throat but % Arabica is able to maintain a comfortable lead with their unique approach to the business. I was amazed by the cafe’s modern Japanese interior design!


Upon entering the coffee shop you see coffee dispensers, coffee mugs and cups and bags of coffee beans over the top, which helps drive home some awareness for the trade with force.

% Arabica Cofee

The lighting of the coffee shop is very soothing and giving a warm feeling to customers. % Arabica has good quality staffs that perform their duties well and provide satisfaction to customers with their good service.

The types of furniture are of top quality and attractive. There is a proper spacing between the tables and customers can sit comfortably and enjoy each sip of coffee.

Coffee Origins

% Arabica Coffee

The Arabica beans are from the top of the mountains. Their coffee beans are from Brazil, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador.

 % Arabica BestSeller

% Arabica Coffee

According to one of their coffee cuppers, Iced Spanish Latte % Arabica is their best seller. It has a creamy milk texture (tastes like condensed milk) but you can still taste and smell the boldness of its coffee.  It is now my new favorite!

% Arabica Coffee

% Arabica Coffee Menu

% Arabica

% Arabica Coffee

Their coffee and other beverage are reasonably priced compared to other coffee shops in the metro. Reasonable price for a great cup of coffee!

My Overall Experience

% Arabica Coffee

I will rate them 9/10! You may ask why 9/10? The coffee is superb! Staffs are friendly and the ambiance is great! However, an electric socket is missing underneath or near each table.  In the Philippines, most coffee shops have electric socket mostly on each table because most coffee drinkers use their laptops or gadgets while enjoying their coffees inside the shop.  But overall, the coffee and the ambiance are exceptional!

Can’t wait to visit again!

Visit them now and taste the difference!

Address: Unit 1, G/F W City Center, 7th. Ave. Cor. 30th. St, Bonifacio Global City Taguig.

Telephone Number: (+63)2-821-6744

Store Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-10pm/ Weekend:10am-5pm


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