Say Goodbye To Dark And Clammy Underarms And Be Sleeveless Ready!

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Gee Nacion


Kojie San Sleeveless Ready

Dark underarms are a source of embarrassment for many people, especially women. Something like raising your hands becomes an excruciating experience and most are so cautious not to do it. When it comes to sleeveless tops, there is no going there. Many opt for the tops that will completely cover the armpits so that there isn’t even a chance of exposing the underarms.

That is why the maker of the consistent best-seller Kojie San lightening soap is introducing another game-changing product that’s strategically formulated to solve these daunting armpits problem. Discover Kojie San Sleeveless Ready, a deodorant, antiperspirant, and anti-bacterial in one that banks on the powerful lightening benefit of kojic acid. No beauty routine is complete without a kojic acid, that’s why making its way into a deodorant product brings anyone’s dream of flawless armpits to life.

It’s unique formulation of 48-hour odor and wetness protection is also non-sticky and infused with high-grade kojic acid that makes underarms lighter and smoother. For only Php 99.50 per bottle, you can now say goodbye to underarm hiding as Kojie.San Sleeveless Ready Deodorant allows you to wear that bikini, tube dress, tank top, or whatever sleeveless clothes you fancy without restrictions and hesitations while not exacerbating sweating.

Because men need the same amount of TLC for their armpits, Kojie.San has created a unique line of deodorant with the same amount of 48-hour protection specifically for the dudes whose main concern is to keep wetness and bacteria at bay but still gentle on skin. Available in 50 ml size for only Php 95.00, men-on-the-go will surely benefit from its quick- drying formulation.

A trusted name for skin lightening and a consistent recipient of Watson’s ” bath of the Year” award for eight consecutive years, Kojie.San has also successfully expanded its products to other categories from anti-aging, men’s care, and sunblock.

The Product Launching

Gee Nacion

The event was like a bonding moment where Kojie San treated everyone to the advance screening of 50 Shades of Grey Freed. People from media, bloggers/vloggers, online influencers and selected guests attended the said event.

Kojie San Sleeveless Ready

A huge congratulations to Kojie San for a fun and successful event! The product launch was held at PowerPlant Mall in Makati headed by Rachel Chan, the Brand Manager of Beauty Elements Ventures Inc (the distributor of Kojie San in the Philippines).

Gee Nacion

Diana Tan, Vannah Santiago and the rest of the team are very hands on and they are very friendly assisting everyone. Making sure that we are having a good time before, during and after the event.

Gee Nacion

This is it..products from Kojie San. I am a Kojie San lotion user for years now and definitely will try their bath soap.  Dudes, like girls, we also have to pamper our skin. Pampa-pogi points!

Stay tuned because I’ll be testing their deodorant and will do a full review too.  Til my next post….girls and dudes out there, it is time to also focus on your underarm. Stay fresh and boost that confidence within you!


Gee Nacion

Kojie.San is available in leading groceries, supermarkets, and drugstores nationwide. To know more about Kojie.San and its complete line of products, visit and follow its social media pages @kojiesanph on Instagram, kojie.sanph on Facebook and @kojiesanclassic on Twitter. For inquiries, contact Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVI) at or call (02) 834-9449, (02) 8450347, (02) 845-1484.




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